SmartWay carriers

SmartWay is the US EPA's program for improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the transportation supply chain industry. Carrier411 makes it easy to find and identify all SmartWay Transport Partners.

CARB compliant carriers

Brokers and shippers can find, qualify and monitor carriers in any state that are 100% compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulation for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs).

CSA Compliance Safety Accountability

Carrier411 makes it quick and easy to qualify and monitor carriers using CSA BASIC Scores.

We provide the most recent CSA BASIC Statistics for all carriers in these categories:

  • • Unsafe Driving
  • • Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance
  • • Driver Fitness
  • • Controlled Substances and Alcohol
  • • Vehicle Maintenance

CSA 2010 replaced the SafeStat system for rating carriers and provides a new and improved way to measure carrier safety and compliance.

CSA BASIC scores are released at the beginning of each month and do not change until they are released the following month. Learn more about Safety Measurement System BASIC Scores.

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Qualify and Monitor Carriers for Safety and Compliance

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Discover how easy Carrier411 makes it to qualify any interstate motor carrier within 5 seconds. Create custom reports to evaluate all your carriers, track safety ratings, BASIC scores, insurance, authority, out of service (OOS) orders, FreightGuard reports and more with our carrier monitoring service. Simply register all the trucking companies you want to monitor through our website, and it notifies you when changes happen. Get change alerts by email and online.

Power-Packed Features, Accurate Information and Trusted Reliability

Carrier411 can help protect your company from using unqualified, non-compliant and unsafe carriers. Avoid liability associated with negligent hiring of carriers. Get started with our Risk-Free Trial Account and use Carrier411 absolutely free for 30 days. There is no obligation to become a member.

Monitoring 776,000 Companies

Our constantly growing database of more than 776,000 companies tracks every single motor carrier, broker and freight forwarder registered with the FMCSA. Our automated system lets you know about changes to insurance, authority and safety information as soon as they happen.

Easy Software Integration

Several leading transportation management software providers including McLeod Software, TMW Systems, WolfByte, Strategy Systems, MercuryGate and others are integrated with Carrier411 using our Web Services Interface. We allow your transportation software system to make on-demand function calls and interact with our system in a real-time environment. We also offer a CSV File Download and custom Microsoft Excel reports that you can create on demand.

Paperless Due Diligence

Carrier411 provides proof of your due diligence using access logs and monitoring records. You can also create Due Diligence Certificates and PDF Eco-Cert™ Certificates for your records.

Safety Measurement System

You could be using many of the 20,545 trucking companies that currently have conditional and unsatisfactory Carrier Safety Ratings. Our safety measurement system has carrier qualification settings that help prevent using carriers that do not meet your company standards.

Unlimited Monitoring $99 Month

Carrier411 makes it practical and affordable to monitor all of your carriers for a flat rate of only $99.00 per month. There are no hidden charges or additional fees, and it only takes a minute to create your free 30-Day Trial Account. We even offer free customer support and expert training.

Getting Started is Quick & Easy

As the transportation industry's leading carrier monitoring service, Carrier411 makes it easy to get started by importing your list of MC numbers. Provide us with an Excel spreadsheet that has MC numbers for your active carriers, and receive your Carrier Qualification Report Card and other custom reports to evaluate all of your carriers for compliance, safety ratings and BASIC scores.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Compliance

Beginning January 1, 2013, any broker, forwarder, shipper or receiver that hires a carrier to transport perishable goods on California highways or railways must only hire or contract with carriers that agree to dispatch Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) that meet CARB's performance standards for TRUs. Carrier411 integrates CARB data and provides the ability to identify CARB compliant carriers.

Work With SmartWay Transport Partners

As a SmartWay Affiliate, Carrier411 integrates SmartWay Information and makes it easy to find and work with SmartWay partners. SmartWay is a government collaboration with freight shippers, carriers, logistics companies and others to voluntarily achieve improved fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impacts from freight transport. Participating companies use performance based quantification and reporting tools that benchmark and inform the industry on freight operations, energy and environmental efficiency. SmartWay partners demonstrate that they are taking responsibility for the emissions associated with goods movement, are committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices, and are reducing their carbon footprint. Lean more about SmartWay Transport Partnership.